I am a postdoctoral scholar and Banting Fellow at Stanford University in the department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences. I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto (Institute of Medical Science) in 2014 and also worked as a research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (Psychiatry) from 2014-16.

My research focuses on human cognitive and clinical neuroscience, with a special interest in the behavioral relevance of spontaneous brain activity. A major aim of my research is to enable dissociation between spontaneous activity related to 1) immediate experiences and behaviors such as mind-wandering; and 2) ongoing neurophysiological processes that operate 'in the background' to maintain the brain's organization. This work, which includes functional neuroimaging (fMRI) in healthy subjects and intracranial electrophysiology/direct cortical stimulation in neurosurgical patients, has potential to inform how brain health can be tracked and how neuromodulation therapies should be designed.

A more granular breakdown of my research interests can be found here, and my research publications can be viewed at Google Scholar.